Welcome to Conceptions

Infertility has become a huge problem for many couples in the past decade. The yearning for a child can consume your life and the inability to conceive can cause much physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

There are many who cannot afford the fertility treatments available or who choose not to follow this path.

CONCEPTIONS is an affordable, preconceptual care programme that addresses the fertility issues of both partners in a natural, non-stressful way. Based in Johannesburg, it is run by a health professional and is suitable for any couple:

  • Wishing to enhance their chances of conceiving the healthiest child possible.
  • Suffering from ‘infertility’ problems or who have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for some time.
  • Who have experienced previous miscarriages or stillbirths.
  • Who have had low birth weight or premature infants.
  • Who have had an infant requiring care in a neonatal high care unit or with health problems.
  • On an IVF,AI or  GIFT programme wishing to improve their chances of conception.
  • Older couples wanting to prevent complications such as Down Syndrome.

The CONCEPTIONS programme is designed to assist you in improving your chances of a healthy, successful conception and baby. The aim is to empower both partners to manage their own lifestyles and reproductive health.

This is done through TREATMENT and EDUCATION, the aim of which is to create greater physical and emotional AWARENESS in the patient.

The goal is for the body and mind to become more balanced, creating optimal functioning of the reproductive and endocrine systems.